Wednesday, April 18

Help Feed Hungry Children!! Yes You Can!!!

Won't you fill a backpack with Food 4 Kids? This is a Service Learning Project for my schooling and I would love your help, not for the grade, but mainly to help feed children who do not have the privilege that many of us and our children have; a fully belly. I know we are all busy, so taking the time and effort to pick up groceries and drop them off can be such a hassle, even if it is for a great cause. Well, now all you have to do is make a few simple clicks, on a secure Website, to help feed young children in the state of Kansas!

The Food 4 Kids program provides 5,000 of the state's hungriest children with packs of food to get them through the weekend. Children served by the program are those identified by their schools as showing signs of not getting enough to eat during weekends when they are away from school meal programs.

Your donation here will help us send these kids home on Fridays with enough food in their school backpacks to get them through until Monday.

And by using this Virtual Food Drive, your dollars buy much more than when you donate food purchased at retail prices --- sometimes 3 or 4 times as much!

The Virtual Food Drive also saves you the time and effort of a traditional food drive. No need to worry about coordinating the collection and transportation of hundreds of pounds of canned items.

It's fast, it's easy, it's fun! To make a donation, just click on your choice of items and drag and drop them into the backpack. And after you check out, see how many children's backpacks you filled with food today.

So, I ask for your donation, whatever it may be! Skipping out on your favorite soda and snack at the convenient store can help feed several children. Who should NOT have to worry about food, but unfortunately they do!

This is a private and secure link to the Kansas Food Drive for the Butler Community College Service Learning Project 2012 - When you are checking out please click RECIPIENT and Click on Kansas Food Bank and then Click on COMPANY and click Butler CC Service Learning Project 2012 (this is at the bottom of the list). Doing this will ensure your donation is directed correctly. Drive Ends April 30th!

Thank you and God Bless,

Tiffany M.

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