Wednesday, March 21


I wait. It is what I do. Wait till the last minute to complete things; cleaning my house, homework, finishing a craft project. It drives my husband insane, and well I don't plain on being an "early bird gets the worm" type of gal any time soon! I like life, and I enjoy spending it with my son and husband. Instead of doing the ten "non-important" things I need to do, I do the "one important" thing God has put in my heart to do, and  that is to love and be loved - and that requires spending time with my family. Not blogging, photographing, or crafting my time away. Now, don't get me wrong. I looove doing those things, being in my own world, doing things I enjoy, things that make me "me!". And well, I think I am a pretty fantastic me. Therefore I treat myself good doing the things I love. It is apart of our human desire to be creative and to express our self, and this lady needs to express!!! So, my point. I have waited awhile to post to my blog. I seem to get caught up in life, I forgot to write about it. And wonder, if I do, is anyone even listening?? If not, at least I am! ;)

With that, here is what I have been doing. I have finished two nursing covers this last couple weeks for two very beautiful ladies. Seeing that this is my first real sewing project since high school, it came out pretty well. Except for the "not-so-straight-lines", eehh... but who notices anyways. I used two tutorials for this project. THIS ONE I used for the measurements and THIS ONE I used just for the directions on assembling the top; attaching the boning and straps.  I think they came out pretty well. Here is the one I made for my step-seester, Felisha.

And this photo, is my husband with her new son - his new nephew Elijah Cole!! At this moment, Levi asked him for a chew and Elijah did a man grunt for the made me giggle! (Noticed the injury on his lip, yupp, that is what happens when you are a lineman and a large pole hits you the mouth, ouchee!!)

Now, remember the homemade dishwasher detergent I was super excited to try. Well,  I have used the homemade detergent for my dishwasher and I came to the conclusion... I don't like it!  I tried all the little tricks to make my dishes not flimy, and not one worked. So, out it went!!! And, I went back to buying my $3 & change dishwasher detergent I use, and waaalaaa clean dishes again. I am not sure, if it was my old, antique, portable dishwasher that made the homemade solution not work well with cleaning my dishes or what? But I was not sticking around for three extra months to figure out. Call me a quitter, maybe? I say smart, I only saved a bit of moohlah to make this and it didn't do the job like the store bought stuff. And, yes, I know it works for many, many people. But not for me, at least not with my granny dishwasher! I'll give it a try, again, once we, someday, get a new dishwasher.

Speaking of cleaning. I have been cleaning my face with oil for the last three nights. Crazy!!! But true, and well, this momma loves it! Remember, the oil cleansing method? Well,  I bit the bullet and decided to try it. And I dig it! I highly recommend this to anyone who is fighting acne, at whatever age. Again, here is the link. Follow the directions and you can be on your way to B-E-A-UUUU-TI-FUL skin!!! :)

And, another bullet I bit....I purchased Lightroom 3! The day after Valentines Day. The day after my sneaky husband bought me something, which he then voided the contract we had between us. We were NOT supposed to buy each other stuff for love day, and he lied and did. Shame on him!! ;) But his devious ways got me some sweet smelling perfume! Which was $50, and I have never, not once spent that much money on perfume! So, it is nice to have it. I put it on everyday, even if I don't' go anywhere, even if I am in my pj's sick. That stuff was expensive and dang-it, I am gunna use it!!! So, the next day Lightroom 3 went on sale through B & H for $200 off, making it $69 and I made him some awesome vanilla bean cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting, and he budged and let me buy it.Sooo not only did I get the perfume, but Lightroom 3, and he still got nothing. Feeling guilty? Of course!!!! But our anniversary is June, I got time to plan a special day just for him, to make it up!!! And I did, we got tickets to the Country Stampede and we will spend Four Nights camping, listening to some good ol' country music! It will be a grand time with family and friends!!! And Lightroom! I love it! I have soo much to learn, but thats what makes it fun! The learning part!!! I am not big fan on completely manipulating my photos to the point it looks strangely different from the original. The beauty of photography, is capturing the object in a way that highlights the uniqueness of it. So yes, a little editing to make it special, but not too much! So Lightroom seemed like the perfect ticket for my needs and so far, it fits the bill! The problem, is not getting caught up in applying a preset to every single picture. Sometimes, the beauty in a photograph is only beautiful because of it's "so-called" flaws. Here is a picture I took and edited with Lightroom. Is it magazine gorgeous, of course not. Is it life? Is it real? Is it still unique and beautiful? I think so. Because this moment has already passed, and I have the only key in showing you that moment. And that is what makes a photograph amazing. NO matter what!!! (And Lightroom makes it a little more amazing!!) I call this picture The Beauty of Weeds in Your Grass...funny uh?

So what does all this rambling mean? I wait. I like clean dishes. I smell good. I bought. And to end it all: I saw turkeys. In my yard. They are fast lil' buggers!!! Don't let them fool ya. I had to go in to complete stealth mode to capture this picture!! :)

Next Week. Food.

                       Have a Blessed Day ~ Tiffany Milner ~



  1. Tiffany, I came to your site from Click it up a notch and read that you bought LR3 at B & H for $69. I was one of the lucky ones too that bought it. Wanted to tell you that I got a free upgrade from Adobe to Lr4 because I bought it within a certain amount of time before LR4 came out. The requirements are on the Adobe LR site. It took about a month and they sent me free a upgrade in the mail. I love LR4 and am learning it. The video part will help down the road and the new features. Just wanted to pass that on to you.

  2. Brenda,

    Thank you!!! Information like that makes me smile!!! Do you not love Click It Up a Notch...small obsession on this side!!! :) Awesome, I will look into that! Hopefully it is still available, that would make my day!!! Thank you Again!!! ~Tiff