Wednesday, February 8

Defeated with Acne

Well I have been defeated...I stayed up till 3 am last night trying to perfect his blog and well, I am satisfied but don't love it. So maybe this style will grow on me. However, I cannot seem to get the picture/link to move from the top right, it's driving me kookoo!

Levi left Monday to Garden City for some underground electrical training. However, I am not sure as if they are going to class as much as they should. Yesterday he said they skipped the last two classes to rumage around town. He found boots at a western store that were size 22 and of course, stepped into them and took a picture. The things that entertain people..yet, I would have done it also! hehe. Today they said something about only going to one class, slackers! They are getting paid, free food, free lodging and two free beer vouchers a night; they guys are in heaven. A tad bit jealous, minus the beer and rooms filled with lineman...meaning I need a week to do girl stuff...oh the dream of it!!!

Being 27 years old I would assume that teen acne would subside, however it seems to linger into my late twenties. I am beginning to give up as to how to overcome this obstacle. My cousin, Shawna, uses the Oil Cleansing method for her skin and her skin looks Photoshopped to perfection due to this. I was thinking about trying this method, then today on Pinterest someone pinned there experience via there blog One Good Thing and they were highly satisfied and recommend it. With that, I believe I am going to take this leap and give it a whirl. 

It is a specific mixture of using castor oil and sunflower oil based on the type of skin you have; e.g. oily, dry, or balanced. On the website - oilcleansingmethod - it says that using oil to clean your face may sound super crazy, but since it is natural and does not strip your face of the essentials your body creates it actually cleans better and makes your skin feel awesome. And I love awesome. And I love a zit-free face. So next week I'll take this 14 day challenge and see if it works. If anyone else would like to join me just check out the website -oilcleansingmethod- and get your exact measurements for your specified skin type. I wonder if Wal-Mart sells these oils..I am sure they do! I'll let you know when I begin. I might even take before and after picturse...scary thought I know!!

         Have a Blessed Day. Tiffany :)


  1. Psh, defeated with acne my behind... You are simply beautiful, and you can't even see any acne on your skin... Although, I am very glad you told me about this... Still really worried to try it because I am afraid I'll wake up the next day with my whole face covered, and I won't want to leave the house, but hey! I'll try it with you:) Love you!

  2. I'll let you know at the end of the two weeks, whether this really works. But, so far, so good!!!