Tuesday, February 7

I welcome me to you with Scomboli!!!

Well, I got the itch and then I decided to scratch...so I created a blog! As you can tell I am not finished on the presentation of this wonderful seedling. I really have no clue as to how you all make yours look classic and up-to-date. I have a certain photo I wanted in my header with the name stretching over it, but it seems to not want to stretch as far across the screen as I would like. So I will dabble with it later. But, I love being a SAHM&W and surprisingly I get bored!!! So I took on the motto of 'why not try it?' and decided to share those experiences with  ya'll! I moved to Kansas in 2005 met my now husband, Levi, he is a handsome, supportive, funny, etc, etc, etc, man who melts my heart! Anywho, we met, dated, marriage, baby, and 7 years later here we are (not in that extact order) and since then I have slowly been changing my city girl ways...(grew up in Portland, Or and Vancouver Wa)...I love Kansas, Love the small town people and faith. There are some things I refuse to adjust to such as calling dinner supper. Or, lunch dinner...just don't seem right to me! My son, Tristan, - a three year bundle of yee-haws and punches- is kinda confused as I say dinner for the evening meal and Levi says Supper...and we compete as to what we think he should say..it will probably be never ending...but I got to hold on to something from the early days..and dangit dinner it is! Well this week I will be making a nursing cover, 2 to be precise, for two wonderful ladies. But before I get those done, I'd like to share a recipe... Scomboli.

I had this recipe since 2009 when Levi and I were in Manhattan when he was finishing his degree and last week I tried it. It was a mouth five...(yes, just made that up, you know opposite and similar to high five)...buying the ingredients for the first time of making it was a little more spendy then I usually prefer to spend on a meal, especially for the three of us, but I can use 5 of the ingredients the next time I make it. Which I did for super bowl, and this time I used 2 cups of cheese per loaf and it was way too much, so suggestion, stick with 1 cup of cheese per loaf, it will save you money anyways. 


  • 2 loafs frozen bread, defrosted for two or more hours depending on the temperature in your house. 
  • 1 pkg of sausage. ~ I buy the medium spiced Italian sausage links and then squeeze the meat out of three links, cook, pat grease off and freeze the rest  of the uncooked sausage for an Italian meal such as spaghetti or lasagna.
  • I pkg of pepporoni
  • 1 pkg of canadian bacon
  • 2-4cups of mozzerella cheese. I prefer to 2. 
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil and oregano
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 eggs
~ Roll out the two loafs of bread into a rectangle shape
~ Mix oil, eggs and seasonings in small  mixing bowl
~ Spread this mixture onto each rolled out loaf
~Add meats and cheese. Roll up, starting with the short side. Make sure seam is sealed as much as possible, place seam side down on cookie sheet. Both will fit on one sheet. Bake at 350* for 25-30 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Let sit for five minutes. 

*Use can any meat or cheese variation that you would prefer, or even add onions, green peppers, banana peppers if you choose to do so. This is just what I like. And it tastes pretty darn good!

Sorry no images of me rolling it out, here is one with both completed

Close up of the yumminess

Oh yes, the goodness is inside...please eat me...so we did for two days.  2 adults and toddler
cannot devour that much...

Enjoy. Have a Blessed Day...Tiffany 
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